Pokemon Type Helper Tool

15 Jun 2022 - Alex Bartlett

I want to start this blog by introducing a little tool I made for people like myself who play pokemon every now and then. I have played a variety pokemon games over many years, yet I’ve never had the dedication to learn every type’s strengths and weaknesses properly. It doesn’t help that these changed somewhat recently with a new generation of Pokemon.

I picked up a copy of Brilliant Diamond this year to re-live some childhood memories playing the original, and found myself looking at type charts online during every battle. But having to use my brain to navigate the chart was too much effort, so I created a tool to skip this process.

Open Pokemon Type Helper

How to use it

Simply select a type from the list to view all its strengths and weaknesses. Some types are a lot less complicated than others, such as normal, whilst others like ghost don’t affect certain types, and are immune to others. All this information is shown on the tool.

Below the type buttons is a type chart button. Clicking this will open up the type chart that the tool uses, which I believe is accurate to gen 8. This part of the tool is not entirely mobile-friendly, since it uses vertical text which doesn’t work on some mobile browsers. There is not really much need to use this chart however, since the tool was made to avoid using it.

How it’s made

I made this with Javascript by taking the chart and writing it as a 2D array. If you would like to make something similar involving pokemon type’s strengths and weaknesses, I made the array available on GitHub. Let me know if you end up using it, I’d like to see what you made.

Thanks for checking it out, I hope it is useful to people. If you have any feedback let me know, I’d be happy to add suitable improvements. Contact Me.